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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree, opened in September 2016, is adorned with a total of 450 leaves, creating a unique and stunning piece of artwork which can be enjoyed by our patients, family, friends, staff and volunteers.











The leaves on The Giving Tree can be inscribed with messages of love, of support for the Hospital, remembrance and in celebration.

Each leaf either small, medium or large, will help to pay for the costs of care for our patients, and we ask for a minimum donation for each -

Small Leaf - £50 - This donation pays for us to provide a dressing clinic appointment.

Medium Leaf - £150 - This donation pays for two people to attend day care each week

Large Leaf - £360 - This donation pays for 3 days of care as an inpatient.

By becoming part of our Giving Tree you will be helping us to secure strong roots for the future of Tarporley Hospital.

Pick up a leaflet in the Hospital today for more information, or contact the fundraising office on