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14 Park Road
Tel: 01829 732436
Registered Charity Number - 700336


Our Hospital

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital has been giving the community access to healthcare since 1919. 

At the core of everything we do and the services we offer, is our promise and our values. These values are embodied by every member of staff, Volunteers and Trustees.

Our Promise

Delivering the highest quality, holistic, patient-centred care for everyone living in our community throughout their lives.


We Are Family

We create a sense of ‘family-like togetherness’ through our relationships with our patients, healthcare professionals, fundraisers, trustees & residents of the local area.


Here For You

We only exist to look after the generations and future generations of our community when they need us. We are welcoming, caring and accessible and we know it is our job to protect them.


A Brighter Future

We are optimistic and we will always look towards the future, and provide the healthcare and well being requirements that will suit our local community, today and tomorrow.


Thank You

We genuinely and deeply appreciate the support and efforts of our community, our people, our GPs, and the NHS for helping us to continue to care for the future generations of our community and their needs.