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“The Will to Serve”

The Tarporley district’s great asset is the Will to Serve, combined with the power which comes of service found in the hearts of its citizens.

Tarporley War Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1919 in honour of those who gave their lives in service of their country during The Great War.

The hospital was opened by The Honourable Marshall & Mrs. Brooks  (pictured above)

The hospital provided care and treatment that was free of charge at the  point of use a whole 29 years before the  inception of the National Health  Service.

 Every resident of Tarporley and its surrounding “Townships” were asked to contribute financially what they could afford to fund the hospital.

 The contributions were collected by local residents on the 1st of January each year.

  “To dedicate to the memory of the fallen in The Great War a  cottage hospital which should henceforth be known as The  Tarporley and District War Memorial Cottage Hospital”

                                                                -The Hon Marshall Brooks