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Hadrian's Wall Challenge -8th - 10th June 2017

On the 8th to the 10th June, Chris Arthur, Paule Hulse, Mark Davies and John Davies, completed an 84 mile walk of Hadian's Wall over just 3 days. They have kindly put their story together for us, chronicling their journey. In total, they raised a huge £1822.22 - Well done team!
84 Miles. 3 Days.
Every year we aim to complete a challenge and this year Paul Hulse of Tarporley Interiors, Chris Arthur, Mark Davies and John Davies decided to attempt the 84 mile path that runs the width of the country following the route Hadrian's Wall took and still takes in many areas.
Day 1, we left Tarporley at 3am and made our way to the start in Bowness-on-Solway. We ditched the car at the side of the road, got our stuff ready and set off in what turned out to be 8 hours of monsoonal weather. The afternoon, although still wet, was slightly better but with the early start, heavy backpacks and bad weather we were all flagging 22 miles in knowing there was still 10 to go to complete the 32 mile stretch to the first Guest House. We did make it after about 12 hours from the start.
Day 2, after a decent meal, decent nights sleep and the sun shining, we were all in good spirit to attempt the 30 miles. This day was by far the best as the views, scenery, terrain and the challenge of being told we wouldn't make it to the next place all came into play. There was around 20 miles of undulating Northumberland National Park and about 10 miles on the flat but made it to the second Guest House after 11 hours well ready for food and a few beers knowing the hardest bit was complete!
Day 3, was back to shocking weather, none stop rain and pretty average scenery. As we neared the coast, the land started to flatten out and then we hit the River Tyne in Newcastle and basically followed that to complete the 22 miles to Wallsend. We signed the Guest Book located in the museum, flagged down a taxi and made our way to the hotel, ready for a night on the town to celebrate completing it!
We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us as this helped drive us to complete it and has raised a decent amount for a good cause. We would especially like to thank Paul Hulse of Tarporley Interiors, Ben Hinchliffe of Hinchliffe Holmes and Emma Leslie of Apex for their generous donations.